Een 4- persoons laagdekker, die volledig IFR is uitgerust en voorzien van een GPS.

Airspeeds (with 2550 lbs)

Best Glide Range Speed 76 KIAS (Knots Indicated Air Speed)
Best Rate of Climb Speed 76 KIAS
Best Angle of Climb Speed 64 KIAS
Maximum Turbulent Air Operating Speed 113 KIAS
Maximum Flap Speed 102 KIAS
Landing Final Approach Speed (Flaps 40) 66 KIAS
Gross weight stalling speed power off;
Full flaps / Flaps up –> 49 KIAS / 55 KIAS
Cruise Speed (65% rated power) 110 KTS TAS (Knots True Air Speed)
Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 154 KIAS
Maximum Structural Cruising Speed (VNO) 125 KIAS


Basic Empty Weight (STANDARD) 1590 Lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight, Normal / Utility 2550 Lbs / 2130 Lbs
Maximum Baggage Weight 200 Lbs
Fuel Weight Full tanks (48 U.S. Gallon) 280 Lbs

Engine / limitations

Lycoming 4 cilinder, air cooled, horizontally opposed, direct drive, fixed pitch propeller 180 BHP
Takeoff Power (5 minute limit) 180 BHP
Takeoff Engine Speed (5 minute limit) 180 BHP
Maximum Continuous Power 178 BHP
Maximum Continuous Engine Speed 2650 RPM
Fuel: Avgas; 100 Green, 100LL and MOGAS
Capacity usuable / total 48 U.S. Gallon / 50 U.S. Gallon


Maximum Crosswind Component 17 KTS (Knots)
Maximum Positive Load Factor, normal / util. 3.8 G / 4.4 G
Maximum Negative Load Factor No inverted maneuvers approvedFoto